XXXTentacion Likely Killers Caught On Social

Details are unfolding.    We know 2 young men were spotted fleeing the scene driving a Dodge Journey.... armed with black hoodies and a red mask.   X was leaving a local motorcycle store not far from the new 6000 square foot home he was finishing up in Parkland, Florida.    The 20 year old rapper was recently on house arrest for most recently his domestic dispute with his pregnant ex girlfriend which the case has been pushed back multiple times.     The judge eased up on the house arrest to allow him to tour.   

His ex girlfriend also started a go-fund account back in 2016 when the alleged domestic dispute happened to raise money for eye surgery for injuring both her eyes that required eye surgery.   The surgery price was 20,000.   She raised 1000 and dans accused her of fraud so she froze the account until a month ago.  ...she then reactived the account a month ago raising nearly 25,000 of the goal she was asking for.     Within hours of XXX death... fans of his started making donations upping her funds to 31,000 plus raised wishing her and baby well and sending their condolences.   

Go fund

As far as the 2 men on social..... IDIOTS!!!    1. You shouldn’t kill anyone but 2.  Why would you be so dumb to post your steps on social?!? 

This is close to where XXX was found dead....   the men were eating here at Hook Fish and posted on social .... which a gun is also posted in pic too.  

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