Here Is My Awesome Life Coach I Talk About...Laura

So you guys have heard me talk about a life coach!!!  You’ve also heard Bob make fun of me when I mention it.   Honestly, Laura has become a friend who I can trust in to talk through life with... and you know what.... life is hard at times for all of us no matter how blessed we are.   It feels awesome to have someone to listen and work through with you, cheer you on ... your girl who is there to give a different prospective.   To tell you the truth and encourage and make you know that YES YOU CAN and WILL.   We all need this!

To send positive reinforcement text daily! 

She gives us reason why we doubt ourselves.... procrastinate.... why we don’t advance at work or do for ourselves.    

And so much more!

Here’s the website to check our for yourself, 

You will likely see me on her site working through different podcast.   I’m in this now.... we’re girlfriends supporting each other.   Lol. That’s how us women roll.  

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