CEO Gives Kid A Car After Walking 20 Miles To Work

Walter Carr is a great example of drive and determination. The night before his first day of work of his first job his car broke down. That did not stop Walter from walking over 20 MILES starting at midnight to make sure he was on time for his job at 8:00 A.M at a moving company. On his way a cop pulled over to give him a ride and bought him breakfast on the way.

When he got to the location that he was to help move, the owner of the house heard his story and started a GoFundMe page to help fix his car. As of now she has raised over $30,000! 

The good news doesn't stop there! When the CEO of BellHops Moving caught wind of Walter, he drove from Tennessee to Georgia to give Walter his own vehicle. He shared that his hard work was inspiring and is thankful to have him with his company.

It shows how hard work and determination can pay off!

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