Parents Calling Babies "Theybies" To Be Genderless

A handful of parents across America are deliberately keeping their child's sex hidden and instead raising so-called 'theybies.' The idea: Only the children themselves should be able to decide.   What are your thoughts on this?  Celebrity Pink is raising her children gender neutral which is a positive teaching.   My opinion is that may be more confusing to the child to say "Theybies" because they are so young and born with different parts.   I also want to teach my kids ABC's and 123's and let them know they can be ANYONE they want in this world. ...but not clutter their minds with more things so young.    If born a girl and she wants to be a man when she's be it.  But as a baby I would still say...boy or girl.   What are your thoughts and please let me know your side if you disagree.  Love to hear both sides!!



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