GENDER REVEAL - Erica and Boston are having....??

I was in shock during the reveal ....not sure if the video shows it, but it didn't settle in until everyone was gone and I was sitting in the studio during a commercial break....   YIKES the ugly cry we go!   I didn't care if it was a girl or boy because either way, we feel so lucky and blessed.....   I'm very excited and thankful.  Thank you to everyone who sent congrats etc.    I'm all kinds of emotional right now.  Love you all - very thankful that you care and shared the experience with us.   It makes this journey even more special.   And big love and hugs to our parents who are so supportive and always involved.   

Thank you to my mom and Tommy (step dad) for working hard getting a potato gun built and EVERYTHING else you guys did for today!!!  It was really special.

Baby Gender Reveal

This little girl is already loading up on clothes!   Audio coming soon with the family on air.

carpenter girl

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