Lindsay Lohan Punched After Trying To "Save" Kids

I'm still confused.... So Lindsay says these kids were being used for sex trafficking.   I don't take this lightly because it sadly is such a real thing in this world.   Apparently the refugees are homeless and Lindsay offered to put them in a hotel for the night then tried take the kids until the kids mom punched Lindsay in the face.   I pray that these kids are not in fact being harmed and they are ok...thats number 1.   Secondly, I don't understand what Lindsay was trying to do.     But then again if I thought kids were in harms way I would do crazy stuff too to try and help them.   Here's the video....I'm confused!

From TMZ

Lindsay, who was in Moscow, gets out of her car and approaches the family -- 2 boys and their parents.  She says they're Syrian refugees who need help.


Afterwards Lindsay posted this...

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