Return of Woodstock in 2019?

Woodstock began in 1969, as 500 million people gathered on a dairy farm in Bethel, New York for one of the most iconic music festivals in history. The feelings of love and peace felt within that very special weekend are difficult to describe but these photos allow us to experience some of its magic. 

Originally, about 50,000 people were expected to attend Woodstock, but by August 13, at least that number were already camped out and on location with over 100,000 tickets pre-sold. As an estimated one million people descended on Woodstock, its organizers scrambled to add more facilities. 

Woodstock's audience was very diverse and a reflection of the rapidly changing times. Although the crowd at Woodstock experienced terrible weather, muddy conditions and a lack of food, water and adequate sanitation, the overall vibe was very harmonious. Thirty-two musicians performed at Woodstock that weekend and officially ended on Monday after Jimi Hendrix left the stage. 

Woodstock will forever be ingrained as a staple of music history. You definitely don't want to miss it's potential return in 2019 for it's 50th Anniversary! 

You can find more images from one of music's most iconic moments in history here.


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