You Have To Keep Living

Suicide seems to be one of the leading causes of deaths in this day in time in America. This subject hurts because recently it hit home for me. I could never forget the feeling after a phone call I received telling me my God-Childrens' mother had just tried to commit suicide, by taking the entire bottle of depression pills. Then to go and see what she looked like and trying to get her out of the house before her children got home...devastating. I must say, there has been some moments in life where I could admit I was depressed and talking just wasn't going to do for me. Its those moments when you need genuine love the most. Bullying, loss, the ending of relationships, molestation or rape, family secrets, medication, lack of support and the feeling of defeat have all been situations I've witnessed, causing people to think they have to make such a detrimental decision. I think the part that hurts the most is when loved ones who genuinely have no idea a person is going through, are left to pick up the pieces and really grasp what was internally wrong when its too late. Should there be anyone suffering from depression and contemplating if this life will be better without you, please understand IT WILL NOT BE! Regardless of what those demons in your mind are telling you, you are stronger then you think, you are needed, and you are wanted. Find one thing that makes you smile on the inside and live for it as if that one thing depends on YOU! Yes, that's right- IT NEEDS YOU! Think you're alone? you aren't , but the first step is realizing there is a problem and surrendering your own thinking for the renewing of a positive mind. I can't end this without letting you know...YOU MATTER and keep searching for the people, places and things that assure you of that very thing!

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