Lil Nas X Preps His "Coming Out"

Up and rising rapper Lil Nas X has been dealing with the backlash of his coming out recently on the last day of PRIDE month (June) on Twitter. Sources now say how, all along, Lil Nas X gave us a clear sign. On the cover of his new album released, was a vision he had, designed by Sozzi, in order to prepare his audience for big his announcement. The image was a silhouette of a rainbow over-shining the buildings of a city skyline. The rapper assumed his fans would catch on, but his strategic antic went right over all of our heads. He has been greatly supported by his fans and most importantly those who were at his Glastonbury Performance played a huge role in making this decision of telling his reality. The love shown to him encouraged him and gave him the strength and confidence to run off stage after his performance to tell the World his truth.

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Photo By Getty Images

Photo By Getty Images

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