Katy Perry Collapses after Gas Leak Shuts Down Idol Auditions

This Sunday night’s American Idol features a scary scene. A propane leak in the audition room forced an evacuation. EMTs arrive in ambulances and from the fire department to treat judge Katy Perry, who collapsed to the ground from breathing the noxious gas.

SPOILER ALERT: Katy survives.

People magazine previewed the Idol episode filmed three months ago. Luke Bryan alerted the production staff, “We’re getting heavy propane. This is not a joke, there really is a gas leak.” Katy Perry complained as she walked away from the judging table and moments before she stumbled to the ground, “It’s bad, it’s really bad! I’m not feeling good.” (People)

One of the firefighters gave behind-the-scene details. Katy faked being unconscious to gain the attention of the handsome first responders. Lionel Richie warned them, “You’ve only got one patient. It’s Katy. She’s having a ‘Drama Attack.’” (Central Oregon Daily News)

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