Gov Cooper Lays Out Timeline for Re-Opening North Carolina

Governor Roy Cooper and his Coronavirus Task Force laid out the timeline and details for their plan to re-open North Carolina for business.

Starting Friday, May 8th 2020 at 5:00pm, the state will enter Phase 1of a 3 phase approach.

Phase 1 will differ only slightly from the regulations most of the state has already been under. The main difference will be the reopening of nonessential businesses.

Up until now, Cooper's plan has been vague on details at best, citing only the daily positive case counts and the number of hospitalizations as a metric to re-open the state.

The Governor stressed that if the state sees a spike, the length of time for Phase 1 will be extended past two weeks.

On Monday, Buncombe County officials announced they planned to move forward on the same timeline as the state when it comes to re-opening the county.

The Buncombe County COVID Task Force will gather again on Thursday with more details as to how the county plans on proceeding with re-opening the county.

Cooper COVID Task Force Phase 2
Cooper COVID Task Force Phase 3

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