Old Habits That Will Fade Post Pandemic

Quarantine has forced us to take a long pause to really sit back and take a hard look at our daily lives and the "on the go" habits we tend to posses. Coming out of this pandemic, some of us will be able to say we've grown, some may say they finally got a break, but then there's some who have taken this time to recognize whats important in life and if its worth being that busy body most think we have to be. A few things that we once knew to be normal may be taking a turn for no return, upon us now realizing certain things aren't as essential as we thought. There are also things we may have once taken for granted but now value more. A few to name are of the following;

1.Spending money on bi-monthly gel manicures

2.Tolerating toxic friendships

3.Scheduling every hour of every day

4.Skipping lunch breaks

5.Focusing on future plans rather than present moments

6.Always being “on”

All of these things are either not essential in ones life or something that now is seen as being more valuable. What habit are you ready to kick to the curb when life gets back to normal?

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