Raleigh Community Supports Subway® Franchisee Shop Re-Opening

RALEIGH, NC. (July 8, 2020) – Downtown Raleigh Subway® franchisee Rashid Salahat plans to host a re-opening celebration at his Fayetteville and Martin Street restaurant one month following protests that led to its destruction the weekend of June 5.

Tim Mann, Chief Operating Officer of North Carolina Subway Group praises Salahat and the multiple teams who assisted during the re-build process.

“All of us at NC Subway Group are very excited and proud of the team effort that has allowed this restaurant to be completely remodeled and reopen in just a few short weeks. Our friends at MLE Construction, the city of Raleigh, all of our Subway® vendors as well as our North American executive team has each played a pivotal role in getting this project completed so quickly. However we are most proud of the resilience and vision that Subway® franchise owner Rashid Salahat has displayed throughout this challenge. His commitment to the Subway® brand and downtown Raleigh is unparalleled and is an inspiration to us all. We wish him many years of success in his new restaurant,” Mann said.

Salahat, who has owned the downtown Subway® restaurant since 2013, has always enjoyed helping his community. Even while his store was closed, Rashid handed out free subs to people who passed his restaurant on the sidewalk.

The downtown philanthropic efforts by Salahat caught the support of the community and several organizations including the NAACP to help recuperate the lost funds of Salahat’s restaurant which resulted in nearly $80,000 worth of damages.

“I am grateful to be able to reinvest and rebuild my shop and appreciate the outpour of support community members have shown me during this time,” Salahat said.

During these uncertain times with the ongoing impact of COVID-19, Salahat looks forward to being back open to help serve the community by not only providing subs for customers at his shop once again, but also by providing new employment opportunities.

The re-opening celebration begins Wednesday, July 8 at 9 a.m. and continues through the rest of the day.

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