State Of Emergency Declared As North Carolina Prepares For Winter Storm

Photo: Getty Images

North Carolina is preparing for a winter storm set to hit the state over the weekend.

Snow and ice is expected to blanket parts of the state, with some areas of central North Carolina receiving up to 3 inches of snow on Sunday (January 16) and freezing temperatures keeping the region cool through Monday. Experts anticipate snowfall Sunday morning before the weather transitions into rain by lunchtime, WRAL reports.

To get ahead of the weekend's winter storm, Gov. Roy Cooper signed a state of emergency on Friday (January 14) to help activate state resources to combat the storm and allow for federal reimbursement if it qualifies as a disaster, WCNC reports.

"This storm will bring significant impacts from snow, sleet and freezing rain in different parts of the state, with likely power outages and travel disruptions," said Gov. Cooper. "North Carolinians should pay close attention to their local weather forecast over the next few days, and make sure they are personally prepared before Saturday afternoon."

The rain combined with freezing temps could cause roadways to ice over and make travel difficult. Crews with the North Carolina Department of Transportation have been preparing and brining roads ahead of the winter storm, but they encourage people to stay home and off the roads if possible to limit crashes.

North Carolina Emergency Management reminded residents of ways to stay safe and warm during the storm, including dressing in layers, limiting time outside, and leaving faucets dripping to prevent pipes from freezing and bursting. They also stressed that if you use a generator, it must remain outside as the fumes could be deadly.

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