Woman Charged After Throwing Hot Soup At North Carolina Restaurant Employee

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A woman is facing charges after throwing hot soup at a teenage worker inside a North Carolina restaurant.

Forsyth County deputies have arrested 50-year-old Shannon Adkins for allegedly tossing a hot cup of soup at a 17-year-old employee working at the Mayflower restaurant in Rural Hall on Tuesday (January 24) night, per WFMY. The altercation reportedly occurred after Adkins' card was declined three times.

In a video of the incident, a woman can be seen showing her phone to an employee behind a counter before abruptly throwing the cup of soup at another worker behind the register, which hits the worker in the chest. As the teen reacts to the assault, pulling her now-soaking shirt away from her body, the woman tosses a bag at her as well. She appears to angrily point her finger at the worker as she backed away from the counter.

The teen's mother, Denise Tayson, said her daughter was treated for first-degree burns.

"She's not a victim, she's very strong and very mature, she was shocked of course, that this is another mother, someone my age, her own mother's age who has assaulted her," she Tayson. "Mothers don't do that, mothers do no assault other women's children."

Check out the video below, shared to WFMY courtesy of Tayson.

Maria Hodges, co-owner of Mayflower, said she has never experienced anything like this in her 40-year career.

"We strive to keep it a family clean environment, safe environment for all the employees, for ourselves, for the customers and now you're just kind of left with questions of what else can we do," said Hodges.

Adkins, who is no longer allowed in the restaurant, reportedly turned herself into police on Wednesday and faces a misdemeanor charge of simple assault.

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