This North Carolina Bakery Has The Best Croissants In The State

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It's really no surprise that croissants are one of the most beloved pastries around the world. The buttery, flaky pastry, oftentimes with sweet or savory fillings, are the perfect addition to any coffee break, lunchtime snack or just an afternoon pick-me-up.

Eat This, Not That! found the restaurants and bakeries around the country serving up top-notch croissants and compiled a list of the best place in each state to find the flaky pastry. According to the site:

"Perfectly baked and delightfully flaky, the croissant has roots that go all the way back to the 13th century Austria. Today, this ubiquitous baked good is savored with morning coffee, used as lunchtime sandwich bread, and served as a post-dinner dessert."

So which North Carolina bakery has the best croissant in the state?

Layered Croissanterie

This Raleigh bakery serves the best croissant in the state. "Croissant" is even in the name! Layered Croissanterie offers more than your average croissant, whipping up flavors like birthday cake and almond with local amaretto.

Layered Croissanterie is located at 911 N West Street, Suite 107, in Raleigh.

Here's what Eat This, Not That! had to say:

"Birthday cake croissants? Check. Chocolate cake croissants? Got 'em. Almond croissants with Oak City amaretto? Yup! Croissants, of all kinds, are a specialty of Raleigh's Layered Croissanterie, so you know they are going to be good. One reviewer is such a fan that they took to Yelp to write that, 'the croissants are out of this world.'"

Check out Eat This, Not That!'s full list to see where to find the best croissants around the country.

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