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John Mayer asked me for my old backpack!

Last month I woke up on an airplane back from Hyundai and Buzzfeed's Kamp Kona in Santa Fe, New Mexico to my phone absolutely exploding with notifications. I post pretty solid Instagram pics (lol) but nothing that would get this much attention... Turns out John Mayer, as in steal your girlfriend, slow dancing in your mom's house-JOHN MAYER, tagged me in his Instagram story. 

Because he thinks I'm talented and a cool guy? Nope. He saw my L.L. Bean MIDDLE SCHOOL backpack, tie-dyed and covered in Grateful Dead patches, and wanted it to take on tour with Dead & Co. 

John Mayer's fans BLEW UP my Instagram!
BOTY: Backpack of the Year

It was pretty crazy messaging with one of my music idols. I know the press hasn't exactly been kind to John, but he was super nice! He asked if I wanted to sell it, but I honestly just wanted him to have to take on the road with the band whose patches covered the names of my middle school crushes. 

When you get a DM from JOHN MAYER

He messaged me an address to send it and asked what size shirt I wore... and then was the nicest guy ever about me totally fan-boy'ing. 

What a cool guy.

He ended up sending me a HUGE box of every Dead & Co. merch item from their current tour in my size! I'm talking t-shirts, long sleeves, hoodies, and hats. SO COOL! I obviously sent him the backpack right away. 

Sending the pack home!


John confirmed he got the backpack, but we haven't seen any pictures surface on his Instagram yet. I think his autocorrect called me Kanye, but I'm just going to take that as a compliment. Look out for photos oh his account, and try to get out and see a Dead & Co. show on their summer tour!

What a long, strange trip...

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