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New Twenty One Pilots is a Rock Opera!?

Twenty One Pilots fans might be my favorite fans of any band. Smart. Weird. Loyal. Weird. Check out these theories about the new album 'Trench' coming October 5th!

If you haven't seen the first music video for 'Jumpsuit' yet, do that now:

Now buckle up for this theory! 

But the story isn't over. Our fearless guide into TØP fan theories goes on to break down the cryptic lyrics of the band's second single 'Nico and the Niners.' Listen first here:

Aaaaand now break out your aluminum foil hats... 

Here's the "leaked" track list for 'Trench,' but the Interwebs are telling me that this is super fake.

Maybe fake? Maybe not.

What do YOU think? Rock opera? End of Days predictions? Should I get more sleep? Probably. 

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