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YouTube Time Traveler's Las Vegas Video from 2120

Ahhhh, the Internet - a magical place where people can be anyone they want. This particular guy, Noah, claims to be a time traveler from 2030 on a top-secret mission, and now he's taken to YouTube to show us some raw footage from Las Vegas in 2120. Hmmm... 

I mean, he even explains the function of all the flying cars seen in the video. FLYING. CARS. Seems legit, right? 


There are so many of these videos. I've literally watched them all at this point, and if anything, you just gotta give these kids some respect for putting together a great story-line, shooting some videos, and getting millions of views on all of them! 

For example, in case you're curious about how the while North Korea sitch goes down... Noah's got the answers!

But how can any of this possibly be real!? Oh, don't worry. There's a very legit lie-detector test video to prove everything! 

There are plenty more videos of Noah floating around the Interwebz. He even meets his future self from 2070! Riveting stuff, people, but I think we're good here. 

My big takeaway? DOES HE ONLY HAVE THAT ONE SHIRT!? Someone get Noah to a Target! 

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