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Black Mirror's Netflix 'Choose Your Own Adventure' Special

At midnight last night, 'Black Mirror' just launched the first-ever Netflix Choose-Your-Own Adventure event called, Bandersnatch.

I'm actually a HUGE Choose-Your-Own Adventure fan. I read the books as a kid (like SO 90's, I know,) and I even have a board game version called 'House of Danger' that I'm constantly trying to get my friends to play with me. 

But bravo, Netflix. Bra-vo. Black Mirror's take on the genre (Yeah, I'm calling it a genre. It's my blog.) is actually brilliant but a bit overwhelming. It's reported that the episode has over 5 HOURS of possible footage. 

Check out the trailer for Bandersnatch here:

If you've already seen the episode, it's kind of cool to see what outcomes other fans experienced. Check out this pretty cool explanation from YouTuber 'deffinition.' 


Wow, do I love the Internet sometimes. @Avengerscomic took the time to compile a flow chart of EVERY SINGLE possible outcome within the episode. 

Check it out here:

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