Recreating Lindsay Lohan's Hair Cut Scene from 'The Parent Trap' on TikTok!

I'll admit I'm pretty new to the whole TikTok thing, but it seems like it's becoming a bigger thing - almost like the new Vine. Yeah, I said it! Some of the sketches are actually pretty funny. This one in particular where someone recreated the transformation scene from Lindsay Lohan's remake of 'The Parent Trap' shot-for-shot, and it's absolutely brilliant!

Check it out here, and sorry in advance if this makes you want to download TikTok...


I went back to make sure the scene was as accurate as I remembered, and well... it definitely is. If it's been a while since you've seen the movie or literally even thought about Lindsay Lohan (What IS she up to though?) then you can reference the scene here:

Alex Mac

Alex Mac

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