DaBaby Goes IN on Super Hot Wings and Ice Cream (via Hot Ones)

I've definitely jumped on DaBaby's hype train lately, and I think for good reason. The guy is super entertaining, a great rapper, and honestly kind of a genius. I mean, his guerrilla marketing style is so smart! Okay, enough of me fan-boying. He was recently on my favorite YouTube series, Hot Ones, with master interviewer Sean Evans. (Big shouts to Sean).

Here are some things I learned in this particular episode:

  1. DaBaby is NOT good with spicy foods.
  2. He said his greatest gift to his fans is 'knowledge.' Wowzers, what an answer.
  3. YOU CAN EAT WITH GRILLZ IN!? Like, how are you not worried about little bits of chicken getting stuck in between all of those diamonds??

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