How to Safely Keep Warm in the Winter When the Power is Out

How to Safely Keep Warm in the Winter When the Power is Out

Millions of Americans were left devastated when a deadly winter storm swept across the U.S. Many are struggling to stay warm without power or heat in the frigid temperatures. Here are seven ways to safely keep warm in the winter when your power goes out.

1. Insulate Your House: Use packaging tape, towels, clothes and whatever you can to cover cold air entryways. You can also cover your windows with curtains and push your furniture up against exterior walls.

2. Designate a Main Living Space: Set up all activities in one room of your house to retain heat. Make sure you choose a room that has the fewest windows and doors.

3. Layer Your Clothing: Wear layers of comfortable, lightweight clothing to prevent body heat from escaping.

4. Carefully Use Alternative Heat Sources: Make sure anything you’re using is safe for indoor use. Keep it away from anything flammable and make sure it’s in a well-ventilated location.

5. Stay Dry: Keep extra clothing on-hand so that you can change out of wet clothes as quickly as possible. Perform short sessions of light exercise to stay warm, but don’t do anything that’ll cause you to excessively sweat.

6. Eat and Drink: Your body needs energy-providing food to produce heat. Cold air is very dry, so drinking plenty of water is important to prevent dehydration.

7. Stay Current on Local News: Local officials will provide information on warming centers and best practices. . It’s also important to keep in touch with community members in case you need help or they do.