10 Reasons Rescue Dogs Make the Best Pets

10 Reasons Rescue Dogs Make the Best Pets

According to the ASPCA, approximately 670,000 shelter dogs are euthanized each year. Before you choose your new family friend, consider these 10 reasons why rescue dogs make the best pets.

1. You can adopt an older dog that is already trained.

2. Unlike pet stores, adoption is all about finding the right pairing between pet and owner.

3. Shelters are a great source of information and resources even after adoption.

4. You have a broader selection of your dog’s breed, age, sex and personality.

5. Spaying and neutering is often provided by the shelter, free of charge.

6. Adoption is much less expensive than pet stores or breeders.

7. Adopting helps prevent overpopulation in shelters and in the overall population.

8. Shelter dogs are less likely to have unknown health problems than dogs from puppy mills.

9. Your adoption fees go towards the animal shelter, which is a great cause that deserves the support.

10. Rescue dogs deserve a second chance to find a loving home.