Homeowners Should Always Check These Things in the Winter

Homeowners Should Always Check These Things in the Winter

As a homeowner, it’s your responsibility to keep everything in your home in top shape and ready for whatever winter brings. Here are nine things that homeowners should always take the time to check in the winter.

1. Make sure the pipes in your home are properly insulated and protected so they’re more likely to be able to handle the cold weather.

2. Check and properly seal air leakage points, such as outlets, switches and light fixtures.

3. Make sure you have a carbon monoxide detector set up in your home.

4. Make sure your water pressure isn’t too high, as it can harm pipes, connections and appliances.

5. Winterize your summer items, such as gas grills, pressure washers and lawnmowers.

6. Check the insulation in your house to ensure no unwanted guests have moved in.

7. Save on heating costs by checking for air leaks around your windows and doors and sealing if necessary.

8. Reverse your ceiling fans so they run clockwise in order to circulate hot air downward.

9. Make sure you have a survival kit together in case of a winter storm power outage.

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