They're Scamming At Gas Pumps....Again!!

Naturally, when we go to a gas pump, we have a clear conscious and aren't worrying about what is happening with the Pump unless there is a profound or apparent issue with the pump. Many don't take the time to really observe the pump to notice if there is anything happening that is unusual with the process of scanning our debit cards - i.e your "pay at the pump" option. Well, local authorities have announced that they're seeing an uptick in illegal card skimmers at gas pumps. So of course, I know you may be thinking, what's a skimmer? Well, skimmers are simply devices that are attached to credit card readers that "skim" the card number. After which, it then reads any personal identification numbers attached to the card and transmits it to the thief who installed it. So far, 23 skimmers have been found on gas pumps in the first three months of this year. Crazy right? To read more click the link.

Photo By Getty Images


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