Teaching Is More Like Parenting!

Now, yesterday here in Raleigh 19,000 teachers gathered together to march downtown in efforts to exclaim how they deserve a higher pay. As a former teacher, what others don't realize is that teaching has become more than just a job one comes to, teach out of a book, and then go home. Teachers face and deal with so much behind the scenes that many ever get to see. There are so many unwritten requirements that come with the job, that it doesn't stop once they go home, work follows them home. So many children these days aren't being raised, they are just living in a household full of adults who are just there and aren't being parents. As a factor, these same kids then come to school and act out because the attention they aren't getting at home, they require and demand at school. The extra steps teachers have to take and sources they have to provide in order for each child to be successful isn't always thought of. People really have to understand that just because the school bell rings at 2 or 3pm means nothing to a teacher. Whether its hold ups from faculty meetings, parent/teacher conferences, lesson planning- because sometimes teachers take up their planning period having to do lunch duty or tutoring, or meeting with counselors or even sere as a counselor to students etc.- these teachers work long hours but then can barley afford the cost of living. Not to mention, they barley have time for their own families. Understand, these teachers play the "parent" role to some of their students because they have no home life and that doesn't come with a bonus. I've personally had to play counselor or even big sister to students with low GPA's on the high school level, who have so much going on at home and are crying for help. To even expect them to come and excel is asking for a lot and mentally almost impossible. A hungry child, or a child being molested at home isn't worried about a pencil or homework. Their next meal and a safe environment is all they are seeking. At what point do we realize, as a country, that a person dribbling a basketball or throwing a football should, in no way shape or form, be paid more then educators who have a huge role in even getting athletes to that level. Our economy is just backwards and at some point, the government needs to step in and do something about this ongoing unbalanced wages battle.

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