Man Pays Entire Graduation Class Debt

Students of Morehouse College, an Historically Black College/University located in Atlanta, GA, received what many have said to be the greatest gift anyone could receive as a graduation gift. The Keynote Speaker Billionaire Robert F. Smith, gave the commencement speech. In midst of the commencement, the unpredictable happened before he ended. Smith paused and shared with the graduates that each one of them would be leaving graduation with NO DEBT! He said that he would be responsible for paying each and every student in the graduation class's final balance. The total cost of this bill was $40 Million. This is one of those stories that has to make anyone smile. Its good to know that there are still some people in the world willing to, not only give back but also give opportunity. This gesture gives those students a chance at changing and breaking statistics as well as a chance to adventure to places they never imagined they would see. This story is commendable and unbelievable but very much needed. For more info on the story click here

Photo By Getty Images


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