You've Lied on me, Pleads Linda Fairstien

There has always been and always will be a fight in the movement to dismiss the life of racism in our country. Recently, Netflix released a drama series that explains the story of the "Central Park 5" in which happened in the late 90s changing the lives of 5 young teenage boys forever. The series chronicles the true story of a notorious case of five black teenagers who were convicted of a rape they did not commit. The harsh reality of this story is tearing through the hearts and being of many and has raised so many questions. But, to top it all, the leading prosecutor who has been behind the scenes is now in the spotlight for the major role she played in leading this case. Linda Fairstein, is now facing a world of trouble especially after the decision to write a book explaining her accounts of the event. At this point, her side isn't even needed. As I had the opportunity to watch I must say, the horror and anger I felt for those little men was unexplainable. After all the controversy from this, Linda is now speaking up and claiming that filmmaker Ava DuVernay’s account about the ordeal is “so full of distortions and falsehoods as to be an outright fabrication.” This series has negatively impacted her professional career, but honestly who cares when, because of her, 5 boys lost their lives to a system that failed them and caused them to miss out on a life they never had a chance to live. Personally, its great they were given $41 million as a settlement, BUT, money will never make up for all they have been robbed of. Linda is now in her season of conviction, as she has been subject to intense criticism and professional backlash since the series premiered; most recently, she was dropped by her publisher, Dutton. I commend Dutton's efforts and I hope that anyone else who once supported her, cease off of the strength of "right is right and wrong is wrong." My heart bleeds for these men and all the young African American and Latino boys who are seen as "Monsters" at first sight versus an human being. When will this stop? Will it ever? I encourage everyone to take time and view the series to begin the uncomfortable conversations of how dangerous it is to be in a society filled with hatred and privilege that allows the terror to continue.

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