The Most Dangerous Gender Reveal Ever Thought Of

Now and days people go over the top just to announce the gender of their unborn child. I've seen things ideas incorporating ferris wheels, cars, balloon pops, cake cuttings and much more. Well a Florida couple,Stacie-Childs Wright and Chad Wright, has over did any reveal that I've ever seen. For starters, this is the reveal for their 10th child!!!!!! I'm almost scared to know how they announced the others. Well. the alligator used is their pet named "Amos." To reveal, one of the parents dangled a black balloon from a pole, urging the gator to puncture it with his jaws. After which, a pink powder exploded from the balloon, and there we have it. A baby girl is on the way for the Wright family.

For the video, click here

Photo By Getty Images


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