Wendell Pool Sets Limitations That Could Go For Being Racists

A Wendell, NC couple has made the news but not in a positive spotlight. They have made the decision to ban baggy pants, dreadlocks, weaves and hair extensions or revealing clothes from their pool. With this being said, its hard to say that there is no racial existence in this decision. All of these things are in which known to be part of what many in the African American culture either wear or have installed, so it does seem as if a specific culture was targeted. First off, how can you say no "revealing clothes" when a bathing suit alone is basically equivalent to wearing a bra and underwear in public? The couple is now receiving a lot of backlash, but they had to have known this wasn't going to play out in a positive manner or stay hidden for too long. The Outdoor Recreation Center of Wendell, which charges a one-time $100 registration fee plus daily $6 admission, has deleted the guidelines for using the pool from its Facebook page since the controversy it has stirred up. Diana Powell, Executive Director of Justice Served NC and well known community activists has jumped on this case to help get to the bottom of what the meanings behind the rules in place really are. The couple plans to take legal action on some of the "bashers" from social media but how far that will go, who knows?

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