Raleighs' "Bonefish Grill" Racists Altercation Goes Viral

As we all know, unfortunately, we live in a world where hate and discrimination still exist and haunts us as a country. As a group of African American women sat and enjoyed their dinner having a typical girls night out, they were approached by a angry customer who quickly made things escalate into a huge ordeal. In today's World, I personally would say that being a African American is one of the hardest tasks or things to be in a country that refuses to recognize, address and take action against those who feel the need to show such hatred. Proper protocol was simply to ask a manager or staff personnel to speak to the ladies if they were indeed being "loud and out of control." Taking matters into her own hands, of course, she should have known would end up in chaos. The biggest issue though, isn't that she took it upon herself to address these women, but in not liking their response she resulted in calling them out of their names and in fact used a racial slur and then showed no remorse. She went as far as saying she would do it again and that is the part that hurts. Watch the video clip below to see exactly what happened.

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