VA Officers Tase and Pepper Spray Man After Having Stroke

Unfortunately, this has become another story we can add to the list of police abusing their authority. The thing is, in this case, they really look like monsters who've completely forgotten their job is to help, serve and protect. As a man was approached by law enforcement at the scene of an accident, it was apparent that something was physically wrong with the driver. Instead of running to his aid, things quickly took a turn for the worse as he was unresponsive to the commands being given. A African-American man who appeared to have just had a stroke and was barley conscious then had to face officers tasing him, and pepper spraying him in the face. Thought was a enough? Nope! They then proceeded to run over his foot while he was lying in the road. All of this simply because he wasn't able to follow their commands!!! At this point, how do we fix this huge issue present in our country?

Here's a clip from the Video

Photo By Getty Images


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