Side Effects Of Going To Bed Too Late

There could be side effects to going to bed too late:

•    It could be linked to high blood sugar - High blood sugar was found in adults that have a very evening-heavy schedule.

    It can lead to poor eating habits - If you’re staying up late, you’re probably eating pretty late too. It could be good to get your snacking in earlier.

•    It could be linked to heart disease - Even if you’re only staying up late on a few nights of the week, you could still be doing harm to your heart.

    It could be making you sick - Sleep is very good for healing when your body needs it, so staying up late could be delaying that process.

•    It might be linked to depression - People who define themselves as night owls were more likely to also experience symptoms of depression.

    Staying up to study doesn’t help you retain information - If you’re really cramming for a test the next day, losing sleep over it isn’t actually helpful.

•    If affects how much sleep you get a night - We all need a healthy eight hours to really function properly. Make sure if you’re staying up late, you’re sleeping in later.

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