Brett Eldredge Covers Billie Eilish [WATCH]

This is one of the best covers I've heard in a while. Wow. Just wow. It's hauntingly beautiful.

This recording was in the UK at one of the last and few shows We played in 2020...I close my eyes when I listen and it takes me right back to that stage, I feel the heat of the lights and the racing of my heart, I’m surrounded by an incredible band that I Love (just listen to their magic) and by fans that love me for me...the nerves melt away and I’m in the moment, lost in the emotion...when I heard@billieeilishsing this song, I was so blown away by her and her songwriting and knew I wanted to do somethin with “When the Party’s Over”... it truly shows how incredible songs transcend genres and boundaries...go to the link in my bio and listen, close your eyes, find yourself in the crowd, and allow yourself to feel all the emotions...I hope you love it