Alexa Carlin, CEO of Women Empower X

At 17, she was a CEO. At 21 she had a 1 percent chance to live. Today, she is empowering and teaching people how to achieve their dreams. This is a story not just about women helping women, but about Carlin’s journey and the idea of fostering opportunities for women and for aspiring female entrepreneurs to learn, to grow, and to succeed. Her story of empowerment and tenacity is an inspirational one for women in business, actually, for all women.

Alexa Carlin is a serial entrepreneur and a nationally renowned public speaker sharing her story and experiences authentically to audiences all over the world. She launched the Women Empower X (WEX) in 2016 and grew it to become the largest event for female entrepreneurs and change leaders in South Florida and Washington D.C. within its first year and is now growing to 4 markets by 2020.

Alexa’s mission is to make a difference in at least one person’s life every single day.