VIDEO: Cardi B eats crab legs on a plane

When I first saw a video of Cardi eating crab legs on a plane I was like "YES GIRL YOU GET ME SOMETIMES YOU JUST NEED YOUR CRABS AND THERE CAN BE NOTHING THAT GETS IN YOUR WAY!"

Then I remembered it's Cardi and A- of course she dgaf and B- this is going to be weird. 

As a firm believer in crabs should be eaten in whole [not just legs], with lots of Old Bay, this is all sorts of wrong. The lemon squeeze, the bites, the completely out of control chomp with the whole damn leg in her mouth... it's not even sexual because it's almost offensive. Someone help her out! Get her some supplies! SOMETHING! 

Also, less than 24 hours, she apparently looked like this. 

Ohhh to be a celeb. 

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