Tour this apartment open to influencers

Is your apartment/home insta-worthy? Every corner?! Can you take unlimited photos there that will totally make people drool? 

Even though I got a brand new apartment with a ton of natural light, I can't. I can't even find one perfect spot, to be honest.... but I don't try very hard, either. 

There's a marketing company in NYC that has opened their uninhabited apartment to influencers to use for free in order to make money on branded posts. They make money off of the brands who are paying the influencers. How much money? Minimum $3,000, and up to $8.000 for a day of shooting in the bare apartment. 

Want to add flowers? Add up to $100,000 to the bill to make it look floral and perfect. 

Check out some of the pictures already shot there, and realize we're all always being lied to by these people who make a living off of their fake life. 


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