Amazon’s New Hi-Tech Grocery Has Its First Shoplifter

Amazon’s new grocery store, Amazon Go, just opened on Monday, but it seems there are still some kinks to work out with their “Just Walk Out” technology. This cashierless supermarket uses high-tech cameras and sensors to allow customers to shop and leave with their bags of food without ever having to check out.

All purchases are automatically charged to the shopper’s Amazon account, or they’re supposed to be, anyway. But when CNBC reporterDeirdre Bosa shopped there hours after the store’s grand opening, she accidentally became Amazon Go’s first shoplifter. It seems a yogurt she bought didn’t appear on her Amazon charges, revealing all that extensive testing they did on this technology doesn’t mean it’s perfect.

When Bosa realized her mistake, she fessed up to Amazon and Amazon Go’s VP Gianna Puerini told her to “enjoy the yogurt on us.” But we’re guessing they won’t go as easy on her next time.

Source: Grubstreet

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