Years After Husband Dies, Widow Has Gut Feeling About Who Got Her Pregnant

By June Rivers

August 30, 2017

Rebecca and David were high school sweethearts from California. They got pregnant with a baby boy when Rebecca was a sophomore.

Rebecca told her best friend Duffi she was pregnant during history class, but it wasn’t until she held up the ultrasound photo that Duffi actually believed her.

Shortly before their son Clayton’s birth in 1995, the young couple broke up. They realized they’d gotten together too young and decided it was best to part ways.

Time passed and Rebecca got married, moved across the country and had another son. However, she and David remained friends for the sake of Clayton.

In 2013, Rebecca’s husband passed away. She moved back to California to be closer to her family, and suddenly there was David… helping her get through the heartache.

Two years later, the tables turned. David’s wife was diagnosed with cancer and she, too, passed away. Now it was Rebecca who was by David’s side, having recently gone through the grieving process herself.

After two decades, the pair of high school sweethearts found support in one another and rediscovered a new and exciting type of relationship.

But then Clayton’s 21st birthday came around, and his parents took him out to celebrate. That’s when Rebecca and David made a stunning realization.

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