6 Jobs People Don’t Think Require Real “Work”

SPOILER ALERT! I'm on the list Ha!

If your job is fun or something that you want to do, haters often assume it doesn’t require you to actually “work.” With that in mind, Very Smart Bros. has compiled a list of jobs that most people don’t take seriously. Here they are:

  • Nightclub manager. Managers have to count the money at the end of the night, tip out bartenders and barbacks. They also have to stay up way later than everybody else, and not get shut down, while hoping that super-fickle people don't come back over and over again. 
  • Club promoter. It might not look like a real job to some folks, but do you know how much work it requires to be “on” all the time and meeting new people?
  • YouTube vlogger. Making videos isn’t hard. Any fool with an iPhone can do that. But most of those videos are trash.
  • Musician. Natural talent often seems effortless, though the years of hard work are what makes it look that way. 
  • Radio personality. Lots of preparation goes into being able to fill four to five hours of air time every day so you don’t change the channel.
  • DJ. Just because you “know music” doesn’t mean you know how to rock a party or put together five hours worth of music for a night.
Steve Wazz

Steve Wazz

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