Harvey Weinstein "Casting Couch" Statue Unveiled Outside Oscars

A pair of street artists are making sure that this Sunday's Oscars doesn't overlook Hollywood's sexual misconduct scandal by placing a gold statue of Harvey Weinstein on Hollywood Boulevard. The AP reports that "Casting Couch" shows Weinstein in a bathrobe, perched atop a couch with an Oscar statue in hand. One of its creators, Joshua "Ginger" Monroe, previously designed the nude statues of Donald Trump that appeared in several U.S. cities back in 2016. "There's so much about Hollywood that's great and celebrated in the Oscars, but there's also this underbelly of darkness within the industry that we often sweep under the carpet or ignore," says Monroe's collaborator, a street artist known as Plastic Jesus. Weather permitting, "Casting Couch" will remain on display this weekend.

Steve Wazz

Steve Wazz

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