If You Ask Dolly Parton About Politics, She'll Shut You Down

Dolly Parton shut down questions about President Donald Trump during an interview with Nightline over the weekend. "I don't do politics. I'm not getting into any of that. I have a lot of fans out there and I don't want to offend anybody,” Parton said at the top of the interview. “Besides, I just don't get into that. If you are deciding you may want to ask me something more serious, don't, because I'm not going to answer it." When the reporter pressed Parton about Trump's alleged sexism, she added, "Of course I have my opinion about everybody and everything, but I learned a long time ago to keep your damn mouth shut if you want to stay in show business. I'm not in politics. I'm an entertainer. ” The journalist then pointed out that Parton “is also a role model,” to which she quipped, "Yes, I am, that's why I don't talk about people."

Steve Wazz

Steve Wazz

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