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These “Healthy" Foods Are Making You Fat

Dr. Mark Hyman, chairman of the Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Functional Medicine breaks down new research on nutrition in his new book, “Food: What the Heck Should I Eat?” Here’s his guide to healthy foods that will help keep weight down, and it includes a lot of food in its natural state, that doesn’t come with a label on it.

Don’t eat: Oatmeal, Do eat: Eggs, or oatmeal with nuts and seeds

  • A bowl of carbs won’t keep you full for long, so add some protein and healthy fat to amp it up.

Don’t eat: Egg whites, Do eat: Whole eggs

  • Sure, the yolks have calories, but they’re also packed with protein, good fats, and choline, which is great for the brain.

Don’t eat: lean meat, Do eat: beef

  • Go with organic, grass-fed beef for more iron and antioxidants.

Don’t eat: White fish, Do eat: Dark fish

  • Less popular dark fish like sardines, anchovies, and mackerel have more healthy omega-3 fats.

Don’t eat: Sushi rolls, Do eat: Sashimi

  • That much rice isn’t great for your blood sugar, plus sushi rice can be sweetened with sugar. But sashimi is just the fish with no rice, so it’s a healthier choice.

Don’t eat: Skim milk, Do eat: Whole milk, sparingly

  • You need the fat to satisfy hunger and some skim milk contains sugar and additives.

Don’t eat: Five servings of fruit a day, Do eat: Two servings of fruit and seven servings of veggies a day

  • Fruit provides healing compounds and fiber, but it’s also high in sugar and carbs, so try to load up on veggies and make them 50 to 75% of your plate.

Don’t eat: Vegetable oil, Do eat: Butter

  • Vegetable oils are full of the bad kind of omega-6 fat that can cause inflammation and butter just tastes better anyway.

Source: New York Post

Photo: Getty

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