Watch Five Late-Night Hosts Tell Basically the Same Trump Joke

That happened Wednesday night, when FIVE late night hosts told THE SAME JOKE.

It had to do with STORMY DANIELS going to court to get out of her non-disclosure agreement with PRESIDENT TRUMP, because he never signed it.

The obvious punchline is that it's hard to believe Trump didn't sign it, since he'll put his name on just about anything.  And James Corden, Trevor Noah, Jimmy Kimmel, and Steven Colbert all told it that way.

Seth Meyers told a slight variation.  His punchline was that Trump, quote, "loves showing off his signature" . . . like when he signs bills and executive orders.

 It's doubtful there's any joke-stealing going on here.  It was such an obvious one, it's not surprising that writers from all five shows thought it up.

(You can watch all five of them telling the joke here.)

Steve Wazz

Steve Wazz

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