Puppy Dies On Flight: Attendant Forced it to Ride in an Overhead bin

Man, United Airlines is really staking its claim as a contender for the worst company in HISTORY.  Even the people from Enron are probably like, "Whoa, could you tone down the evil?"

About 11 months ago, United Airlines had their hired goons beat up that poor guy and drag him out of the seat he paid for.  And now there's this.

 On Monday night, a woman and her two young children were flying from Houston to LaGuardia Airport in New York.  They had their French bulldog puppy with them in a carrier.

 And a flight attendant told them it HAD to go in the overhead bin.  The woman tried to protest, but the flight attendant wouldn't back down, so the woman put the dog up there.

 And when they landed . . . the puppy was DEAD.  Seriously.  WHAT THE HELL, UNITED?

United gave a standard apology and they say they're investigating.  Oh, and they're refunding the family's tickets.  What a great gesture.  I hope they go out of business. 


(CBS News / CNBC)

Steve Wazz

Steve Wazz

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