Airline Bans Overweight People From Flying Business Class

Thai Airways is making its new 787 Dreamliner jets a bit safer by installing seatbelt airbags in business class cabins. Seems like an effective safety measure, but don’t be packing extra weight especially in your midsection. The seatbelts don’t allow for more than a 56-inch waistline therefore excluding overweight customers from taking business class on the new jet.

Due to the new airbag feature, the seatbelts can’t be extended. If a passenger with a waistline above 56-inches straps in, they wont be able to properly fasten the new seatbelt so that it meets safety standards. Even if your waistline is under 56-inches, leave your young kids at home. The airline has also banned passengers from carrying babies on their lap with the new seatbelts. 

Unfortunately this isn’t the first time an airline has targeted overweight passengers. European airline Finnair announced it will soon weigh passengers before boarding in hopes to lessen operating costs. Samoa Air was the first to charge passengers 50 cents per kilogram they brought on board, including their own body’s weight. In 2016, Hawaiian Airlines stopped letting passengers flying American Samoa to preselect seats. Instead airline staff would place passengers in a way to evenly distribute weight on board.

Thai Airways has already fitted business class seats with the new seatbelt airbags in its 787 Dreamliner fleet.

Source: NY Post

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