A Woman Was Arrested After Sexually Harassing the Easter Bunny

54-year-old Ladonna Hughett was at a park in Mansfield, Ohio on Saturday.  And she'd been drinking. 

There was an event going on where kids and parents could take pictures with the Easter Bunny.  So of course Ladonna wanted in on that action.

And while she was posing for the photo, she made some "lewd comments."  Yes, she sexually harassed the EASTER BUNNY.  Then when she was done, she walked off and hopped on a carrousel.

It's not clear what the "lewd comments" were, but someone told a cop about it.

They questioned her, and noticed her eyes were bloodshot and her speech was slurred.  So they arrested her for public drunkenness.  At this point she's not facing any charges for the lewd comments. 

(The Smoking Gun)

Photo: Getty


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