A Cheetah Jumped Into an SUV on a Safari

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There's video of a cheetah that jumped into the back seat of an SUV on a safari in Africa.  It's inches away from a guy in the front seat who stays perfectly still and keeps his eyes forward as the cheetah sniffs around, but doesn't attack.

Another cheetah jumped on the hood and hung out there for awhile.  Both cheetahs eventually left without bothering anyone. 

(Search the Facebook page of "Komo News."  Here's a story.)


Cheetah jumps inside vehicle during African Safari!

😮 Seattle man (Elisa Jaffe KOMO's son Britton) got up close and personal with a cheetah while on safari in Tanzania! 🐆 FULL STORY: https://bit.ly/2GiQ6n2

Posted by KOMO News on Wednesday, March 28, 2018
Steve Wazz

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