Weekend Bike Ride: I fell. I hurt.

Ahhhh! Is this a sign that I should stop?

Over the weekend I rode my new bike for the first time.....and fell!

This was new to me....not the whole riding a bike thing. I can ride a bike but this is a little different.

The bike I got has different pedals than what I am accustomed to.

These are clip-less pedals that lock you foot in place.... you have to remember to un-clip them when you are getting ready to stop. Ehhhh.... this is the part I'm not used to. Ha!

So after a solid ride... I was coming up on a stop sign that I was going to roll through because there was no traffic.

Out of nowhere a car roll by...so I came to a complete stop.... and then.... Boom.

With my feet locked in I fell over. 

I even yelled....AHHHHH!!! Cause I knew I messed up and didn't unlock my foot from the pedal.

Felt so stupid for a few seconds, got back on and continued to ride. 

Thought...hey this is just part of the process.

What is not...Is quitting. 

Steve Wazz

Steve Wazz

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